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Our staff is our greatest asset. We carefully select a team of warm, nurturing, creative and mature men and women who simply adore working with children. They are passionate about ensuring that every child feels valued, respected, secure, and cared for.  Directors, Group Leaders, Counselors, Teachers, and Specialists in every camp division and program throughout our campus promote the well being of all our boys and girls.  Every camper is the collective responsibility of every Laurel Hill professional; their helping hands reach out in genuine concern for the happiness of each child, and to you for your knowledge and guidance.

Field Directors at Laurel Hill are a unique group of dedicated educators.  Their commitment is to make sure every camper is truly happy and taking advantage of the wide variety of opportunities for personal growth, friendship and high interest challenges available at Laurel Hill.  They also provide continuing in-service workshops and daily guidance to the counseling staff.

Teachers and Specialists are professionals in their area of instruction.  They provide high incentive experiences designed to please children and to be worthwhile happenings to grow on.  Always set to an “I can do it!” skill level campers build confidence in their abilities while expressing curiosity in doing yet more.  Group Leaders and Counselors provide sensitive assistance and support to campers in every aspect of the activity.  Teamwork and fun and laughter are always part of all the excitement!

We provide one of the most thorough orientation programs in camping.  Staff is trained in all aspects of camp life, child development, and best practices in child management.  Laurel Hill maintains a special focus on how to foster community and belongingness; identify and respond to individual camper needs; and creating an inclusive, welcoming, and happy environment built on mutual respect and trust.

Never observing from the sidelines, Laurel Hill staff is fully engaged with camper life.  It’s in the pool for all of us helping the children with their strokes or starting some water fun.  It’s fielding in the game, backing up a player, or giving practice in a new skill.  Sleeves are rolled up as our staff gets elbow deep in art with the boys or girls or digging in the garden.  To be totally present!  What better way to really be a role model, get to know the children, be in the community, or to add to your own already fulfilling summer?

We are eager to get to know you, too!  Please feel free to call or write to learn more.