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Campers put it all together in Laurel Hill sports! Boys and girls enjoy super fun entertainment with friends as they develop lifelong social skills and increase in physical strength, coordination, and endurance. Athletics at Laurel Hill is an “I can do it!” happening for all our campers. Our physical education staff is acutely sensitive to the individual needs of children passionate in their desire to grow as athletes and to children who may be reluctant to participate in sports.

“Everybody plays!” is accomplished through planning based on each camper’s motivation, previous experiences and present concerns. Kind and caring guidance is provided in building confidence as it is in building individualized athletic skills. Active support from sports specialists and counselors inspire each player and assure that your child will smile a lot, laugh a lot, and perform at his/her best! It’s what sets athletics at LHS apart.

We play it all – the traditional and the exotic! Beginners and advanced enjoy lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, track and field, archery, gymnastics, fitness exercise, and more. Try GaGa Ball! Or explore Project Adventure complete with rock wall climbs and “Shot Swing” free-fall thrills. Round it all out with Field Days and sport clubs.

Laurel Hill sports specialists are professional physical education teachers and coaches dedicated to encourage high-energy team play and sportsmanship. They help campers to develop skills within their reach and to take pleasure in their accomplishments. Competition is set at a healthful level and takes second place to the incredible fun of playing team sports and making new friends. Counselors assist their children during the course of instruction, practice and team games.

Excellent outdoor and indoor facilities including baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, gymnastic fitness circuit, running track, gymnasium, archery range, batting cage, deck hockey rink, gaga ball arena, low and high element adventure center, and four heated swimming pools, and more. All at Laurel Hill for a complete athletic experience.