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Arts, Music, & Drama


Art is you!  Art is me!  Art is us!  It’s the way we express our creative skill and imagination at Laurel Hill.  And it’s what every camper with a little help can do.  Just add the warm, caring, and patient talents of our professional art teachers and every camper creates beauty to appreciate, and art to think about.  The everybody-catches-it enthusiasm of our art staff encourages campers to unleash their originality and to see with their mind’s-eye.  How-to art skills instantly guide busy hands to their goal of giving campers the pleasure of enjoying their own efforts.  Camper art is community, too as we admire the artwork of our friends and prepare for Gallery Shows.

Outdoor art studios provide summer nature to our campers as they explore the widest variety of art experiences available in:

  • Painting
  • Weaving
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Puppetry
  • Jewelry making
  • Batik Tie Dye
  • Ceramics
  • Murals
  • Sculpture
  • Animation

Young artists release their potential at Laurel Hill as they attempt new challenges and delight in the outcome of the fundamental skills and concepts they acquired.


Camper days at Laurel Hill is speaking in song and hearing in sweet-sounding melodies.  It’s that much fun and just that much joy!  And we get our best at it when campers raise their voice in fantastic tune to the vibrant sounds of our professional music staff.  Our program includes old camp favorites that moms and dads can immediately join-in and sing; it includes up-to-the-minute rock pops; it includes the best of Broadway; and it even includes originals that are composed in the right here and now.   Add to our music passion the beat of rhythm instruments, the cadence of free style movement, and the whirling tempo of dance and you will agree that music is certainly what Laurel Hill campers do!


“All the world’s a stage . . .” and indeed all our campers “have their exits and their entrances” because Showtime at Laurel Hill is fun-time anytime!   Going to “Drama” is a destination to something new and different in the way we play together and create art for ourselves and for our audience.  It includes stagecraft, costume, set design and much more.  Music and dance join in, too.

Drama is dramatic, comic, and adventurous.  Stories our children love are created on stage.  Full-scale musicals complete in every way are available for our very dedicated actors and actresses in Studio & Stage.  Drama Club offers all campers added opportunities in the spotlight.  Visiting production companies expand on the drama fun throughout the camping season.