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ADVENTURE is the key building block to the unstoppable fun at Laurel Hill. But fun taken to the extreme side of adventure is all yours at our pro designed, Project Adventure Park. Accept the exciting action challenges prepared just for you. Get the fitness training to make it all happen your way. Trust your friends – it’s their teamwork that you depend on. And then eagle soar from the treetops in our SwingShot. Climb to the sky as you scale our multi-path Rock Wall. Outsmart the sharks on our Ropes Course as you island hop to home. Feel the pride of triumph and the fun and excitement of your very special adventure well done – then get ready for more!

Laurel Hill adventure programming strengthens friendships, builds motor skills, sharpens problem solving and organization, builds trust in others, and supports safety-first decision making in camper play. Special instructors carefully train, guide and encourage campers.

Project Adventure Ropes Courses

Project Adventure activities build character, promote teamwork and encourage responsibility. The ropes course presents a series of physical problems, which require the active participation of all team members to solve. The activities are designed to encourage careful thought and planning while campers improve strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Climbing Wall

Rock climbing is a dynamic activity giving campers the opportunity to improve physical fitness and to build self-confidence. Campers scale 4 Traverse Walls, representing different degrees of challenge and offering a variety of climbing options.


Experience an unforgettable thrill as you free-fall through the air and pendulum swing among the trees. Campers choose their level of challenge.