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Architecture At LHS Is A Powerhouse For Creative and Scientific Expression

Architecture at Laurel Hill is the ultimate nexus of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s the missing piece that binds the sciences to the arts. It’s the “A” that gives STEAM to our STEM! It’s an expressive powerhouse that offers both a unique
means to being creative and a resourceful science-based application to solve critical community problems. Architecture is innovative, imaginative, exciting, and fun!
The middle school architecture program provides students with an introduction to the basic design process and the methods in how to draw various types of projects. Boys and girls become skillful members of the Laurel Hill Architect’s Team where they learn how to draft like an architect and even utilize professional drafting tools to complete their drawings.

Drafting, Drawing and Building

Students are introduced to a wide range of building materials, components, methods, and sequences of construction for residential and commercial projects as well as the development of city planning. This program is designed to give students a basic knowledge of construction methods and related trades along with an overview of career opportunities.
There are discussions of architectural history and famous architects from around the world, however, emphasis is placed on the design and thought process of an architect. This hands-on course provides students with the knowledge of how to use concepts of drawing and ideas of design to create construction plans.

Creating Construction Plans for A Mini – City

Through instruction in the areas of sketching, architectural drafting, and the principles and elements of design, the student learns to develop and understand not only the scientific theory and facts within the architectural fields, but also the aesthetic and artistic views of a designer.
The development of the construction plans are actualized through the use of scaled models. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students will collaborate to develop a mini-city. Students qualify for a “Certificate of Completion” for each section of the program. A “Certificate of Mastery in Architecture” is available to third year students.