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Student Life

Laurel Hill promotes a warm and encouraging setting where students study and play in a secure and relaxed environment. Boys and girls are responsible for the mutual well-being of our school community. Our students are keenly sensitive to the feelings and to the rights of others.

Friendship always welcomes the new student, and mutual respect and caring define our relationships. Students have ample opportunity for “free time” in the school day. After-school activities also provide time to socialize. Our study methods are rich in socially based techniques such as partnered activities, cooperative study groups, micro-society, and learning circles.


Students are encouraged to act in accord with their values and to always consider the best interests of others in their decision making. Caring, kindness, respect, responsibility, honesty and trustworthiness are central character building virtues emphasized throughout Laurel Hill. A formal character-building element of the curriculum brings these qualities to life in the classroom.


The Student Government provides our students with the opportunity to take responsibility for the multiple needs of the entire student body. Officers are elected each school year and work under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Town Meetings are held with the entire student body.


Students volunteer to help other students and teachers. Boys and girls may tutor in the younger grades, assist instruction across the school, or initiate a project for the benefit of the student body.


Fifth grade and older students are recognized for excellence of academic accomplishment and citizenship by earning honor or merit placement each third of the school year.


Students qualify for induction into the Honor Society by earning honor or merit placement twice during the school year, and by also electing to do an Honor Society Thesis. The thesis is developed under the supervision of a teacher of the student’s choice.