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Music & Art

The Visual Arts

Art at Laurel Hill engages the innate determination of our young boys and girls to communicate their singular responses to people and places, and to time and space. Children are also encouraged to express through art their inner thoughts, feelings, values and spirit. The program also expands creative resources available to students by learning formal techniques and methods, and by studying distinct periods of art and the style of recognized masters.

A walk through Laurel Hill is a gallery tour – unique constructs in every way, our children’s art is a joyous and mindful experience to regard.

Music & Musical Theatre

The Laurel Hill music program provides the basics of music literacy, singing and listening skills and the opportunity for advanced study. Liaisons with New York City music resources complement the LHS music program.

Pre-instrumental training in the early grades incorporates instruments as exotic as the Indonesian Angklung and as familiar as the drum.  Orff instruments such as xylophones, marimbas, glockenspiels and metallophones create instant concerts from the very start!

Recorder Band begins in third grade for all students. Complete with recitals, their beautiful music is appreciated by all.  Onto fourth grade and above students may join the LHS Band and learn the instrument of their choice.  Instruction in trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, oboe, flute, drums, and more is available.  Violin may be selected as young as preschool age in our special Suzuki Method program.

Students bring their musical interests to life by membership in junior and senior chorus as well.  Choral Recitals are not-to-be-missed events at Laurel Hill!

Music joins drama in the springtime as each class produces and performs a full-stage Broadway musical production.  Students may expand participation in dramatic arts by joining our after-school Drama Club.