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Philosophy & Goals

Making the Right Choice

We understand the struggle that many parents endure as they decide on an early childhood program. Parents wonder if any institution can be trusted to care for and protect their children with the extreme care that parents themselves would.

The Early Childhood Program Overview

The Laurel Hill School’s early childhood programs are consistent with the school’s 40-plus-year tradition of providing top-quality, child-centered education, the early childhood programs offer a safe and vibrant space in which your child will flourish during the first, all-important months and years of life. Your child’s physical and nutritional health needs are always fully met at Laurel Hill. And the total environment of your child’s’s day is authentically warm, inviting and nurturing without compromise!

Prepared through the early childhood experiences at Laurel Hill, your child will be helped to establish the primary foundations of intellectual and personality development. The earliest experiences set the stage for ongoing healthy growth throughout childhood and into adolescence and adulthood. Laurel Hill is your partner in attaining the very best care for your child during these most tender and precious years.

Infancy and the early years are all about establishing selfhood and security through safe and loving bonds with others, and maximizing the capacities of all five senses to interpret the environment. Laurel Hill offers the very best in both essential domains of development – emotional and cognitive. Your child will be treasured by his or her Laurel Hill caregivers, and will always feel secure and supported by loving hands.

The early childhood programs embraces the school’s long tradition of individualized care. Current thinking in child development emphasizes that educators and caregivers must attend both to the universals of development, including major cognitive and motor milestones, and to each child’s unique pace and pattern within that framework. Our approach to each child is attuned to his or her needs – physical, intellectual and emotional. We understand the struggle that many parents endure as they decide on a preschool program. Be assured that our fully individualized program maximizes our ability to access and actualize each child’s potential.