Parent Testimonials

Fourth Grade Parent

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stark,

It’s with the deepest feeling of gratitude and everlasting admiration that I write my sixth holiday card to you and your family – an entire childhood of tender and joyful unfolding for our family in your school, and yet just a chapter in your longstanding and tireless mission of creating the vision of LHS.  We are the lifetime beneficiaries of your earnest, generous, and limitless gift of your caring.  I try to make it to every single LHS event, because you manufacture joy!  But I know even if I’m not there for (my child), you always are.  Thank you for the gift of LHS!  I hope you find many moments of peace, contentment and celebration!………With love

First Grade Parent

When (my child) started school on December 6th, we were apprehensive about how she would transition, and then thrilled at the change we saw in her within just the first week. There were times she was uncomfortable with the work challenging her, compared to where she had been bored to actual tears in her previous school; times when she felt on top of the world as a new student; and times when she felt sad about the friends she had left at her other school. However, and as we had hoped, she has blossomed at Laurel Hill. She’s confident and willing to speak her mind, willing to stand up for what is right, and knows that her opinions and her questions are not only welcome- but they are also encouraged. She enjoys and is proud of her schoolwork, has taken ownership of her homework, and has even said on a recent Friday, “I wish I could go to school tomorrow. I like the weekend, but I really like school.” When asked what in particular she likes about school, her answer was heartwarming: “Just being at school in general.” That statement is the polar opposite of where we were in November, and to say that it was pleasing to hear is a vast understatement (Mom cried).

Not to be ignored are the administration and staff for their conscientious and careful approach to Covid precautions. Seeing the side-by-side examples of LHS communications vs. that of our home district in this arena has reinforced how right we were to make this switch.

Ms. W has challenged, welcomed, and loved our girl.  Mrs. O delights (my child) with her humanity and care. STEM and art and music have rekindled her love for learning, being outside so often has invigorated her, and free play finds her engaging with friends or taking time to herself if that’s what she wants that day. She once more seeks and finds magic in the mundane, she respects her own needs, and she delights in learning; it brings tears to our eyes to reflect upon the changes we’ve witnessed. Our girl is thriving in your care, and we are more appreciative to all of you than we can possibly express. Truly – thank you for loving her, for loving what you do, and for inspiring the love of learning in this community. We are so very grateful.

Kindergarten Parent

(My child) a Kindergarten student in Ms. D’s class has this to say: Thank you so much for helping me learn. As a parent of a student at The Laurel Hill School, I am always so glad to be able to tell another parent about my great experiences there. From my very first experience with a toddler class teacher  during an open house in 2018, through (my child’s) years in preschool and Pre-K, I have been so impressed with The Laurel Hill School and all that she has been able to learn as well as how the information has been taught. I hope that you all continue to keep up the GREAT work. I also would like Mr. Stark to continue The Laurel Hill School through at least a Master’s program if that were possible. I just love The Laurel Hill School!!!Thank you also so very much for all you do!

Kindergarten Parent

We are so appreciative of Ms. B and her dedication to teaching kindergarten. She goes above and beyond each and every day. Her room is camp themed, welcoming and cozy. She is a strong communicator. She ensures the children are learning to the best of their abilities. We are very happy (our child) had Ms. B this year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

First Grade Parent

Dear Ms. W., We sincerely want to thank you for your dedication and care of each student in your classroom. You are a  fantastic teacher and we are so lucky to have you as (our child’s) 1st grade teacher. You motivate the kids while teaching them the importance of focus, patience and hard work. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and support to us.

Second Grade Parent

(My child) has been blessed to have you both as teachers this year. In Second Grade he has made a lot of improvements. We love your no nonsense but extremely nurturing nature. It’s just what he needed! He especially has learned more self-discipline, and has become an independent worker at home, no doubt to the skills you are teaching in your classroom. He comes home with interesting facts, stories, and a ton of curiosity about things he has learned in class. He has gained a lot of confidence and enjoyed second grade thanks to the both of you. We are so grateful for the work, dedication, and love you pour onto him and all the other children. Thank you for everything.

Second Grade Parent

We are so thankful every day for all the teachers at Laurel Hill! The positive impact that you have had on our son in the past two years is just astounding. He is growing by leaps and bounds because of your dedication. We would especially like to thank Mrs. B. You are incredible.Thank you.

Second Grade Parent

(Our child) has thoroughly enjoyed all his specials. They are essential to a well rounded education and we appreciate everything all of you have done for him. He has grown so much and learned so much. Ms. N, we enjoy every piece of Artwork that comes home and how he explains the technique, the artist’s influence, and his overall perspective. Senora ,he is constantly using Spanish around the home,telling us what things mean or expressing his feelings in Spanish and then translating it for us. (Stem Teacher), he loves to learn how things work, takes things apart and wants to create new things all the time and is proud of what he creates in your classroom.To the (Phys. Ed. teachers) he has improved his motor skills from Gym  and participates in Soccer outside of school where he is a good sport and tries his best even when his team is struggling . Mrs. D, he loves doing anything and everything on Computers and wants to know more every day. It’s hard to keep up! (Music teacher), he is constantly singing and dancing at home, loves to learn more notes on his recorder and practice to earn his Karate belts. But more than all this we appreciate how much love you have all poured on him. Thank you !

Third Grade Parent

 It has been a tremendous relief with every passing month to observe (my child’s’) progress academically and socially. Ms. B experience, devotion, care, commitment, and empathy for parents, not to mention all the wizardry of her classroom, have enabled (my child) the best possible opportunity to flourish and excel in 3rd grade. Thank you!

 We would also like to recognize Ms. S for her extremely important contribution (my child’) needs throughout every day in class. Her kindness is exceptional and I appreciate all she has done for her this year.

Specialty Teachers: Thank you to all the amazing Specials teachers this year. You have contributed so much to the well-rounded education she has received in 3rd grade this year.

Fourth Grade Parent

We would like to express our appreciation for Ms. M. She has brought energy and enthusiasm to her classroom and she makes a safe space where each child feels loved and appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful year!

New Family

We are so grateful to the entire Laurel Hill staff for making us feel welcome and part of their community,especially after starting the school midway through the year. The moment we walked into the school for our first visit, Mrs. Stark guided us through the halls with transparency, ease and welcome. Her teachers  set aside their planning time after hours for an impromptu, in-depth discussion of the life of a first grader, putting our minds at ease and planting seeds of excitement for all the possibilities awaiting our girl.

When (our child) first walked through the door for her assessment, she was greeted with respect, as an intelligent person and worthy of conversation, rather than a child- which immediately empowered her and gave her confidence to proceed. 

Mr. Stark handled our daughter with equal respect and joy as he guided her through the assessment, leaving her feeling seen, excited, and confident in her own knowledge. When it was clear that LHS was the right choice for us, the office staff guided us through what seemed like hundreds of complicated steps for the transition, making them seem simple and clear despite us floundering with inexperience and the stress of diving in midstream. We are thankful for their knowledge and calm demeanor, which helped keep parental panic at bay.

Middle School Parent

It is great to acknowledge your hard work during appreciation week but please know that you are always appreciated! We know that there are many moving parts required to create the environment we are lucky to have at Laurel Hill. Thank you for your dedication and for providing all it takes to support the students.We would like to extend a special thanks to the Middle School teachers who have been working side by side with my son for 3 years and now with my daughter. You will always hold a special place in their heart.

Parent of a Graduating Student

We are so grateful for the wonderful environment that you created for our children with your dedication and commitment. Both of our children came through the Laurel Hill School for their elementary education, now our youngest is graduating this year. We always felt that Laurel Hill School was a big family. Even though the pandemic prevents us from coming to the school, the attachment has never been severed. Sadly, now is the time for us to say goodbye, but we will always have those warm memories of you and our children to cherish forever. We wish you all the best, and hope the Laurel Hill School will continue to thrive!

Infant Parent

Ms. Piccoli, thank you for being such a great teacher! (My child) loves all the different activities you do, including teaching  about animals, the colors, and how to spell (her) name. (She) also really enjoys the time spent outside in the playground. (She) really enjoys being in your class!

Toddler Parent (2 yr old)

We cannot begin to thank Mrs. T and Ms. A for teaching, guiding, providing structure and loving our daughter. We have witnessed our child make tremendous strides in her vocabulary, speech,behavior and social skills and we owe it all to these two heroes. Through very difficult times, they provide a consistently positive environment for learning and we are so lucky that they entered into our daughter’s life at such an important developmental stage.

Preschool Parent

As the delighted parents of (child’s name), I worry that, despite our best efforts, we will not manage to fully convey the depths of our appreciation of Ms. M and Mrs. G for all that they have been willing and able to do, every day, for the children in their Pre-K class.

From learning the letters of the alphabet, to learning to count to 100, to learning the days of the week and the months of the year, to learning to read, to learning to find the sums of various numbers, to learning to identify patterns, to learning about the world and its animal inhabitants and the ecosystems that they are a part of, to learning about the importance of being kind and careful custodians of our beautiful planet, to learning how to sing and dance in front of an adoring audience, these are but a fraction of the things for which we, as parents, feel tremendous gratitude and appreciation.

Mostly, we appreciate that Ms. M and Mrs. G are wise and kind enough to meet each student where he/she is and guide them toward an appreciation of the art of learning; to getting excited about the world around them; and to fostering each child’s sense of curiosity and excitement about the things they are experiencing. They are master teachers who have a wonderful way with their students and who find ways to make each student feel special every week. They consistently emphasize the importance of kindness, politeness, fairness / justice, and of being contributing members of their class and school communities. It has been a pleasure to observe (my child) develop and blossom before our eyes over the course of this school year. We are grateful for the wonderful care they have taken in guiding the development of their students.

With Profound Gratitude and Tremendous Appreciation

Preschool Parent

It’s hard to believe that our son is about to finish up his fourth school year at Laurel Hill. One of the most difficult things to do as parents is to leave your child in the hands of others but you make this daunting daily task effortless. When I stop to think about the community he is a part of, I am overwhelmed with love and appreciation. Laurel Hill is truly his home away from home and we consider you all a part of our village who has helped to raise him. For this, we are forever grateful. 

Preschool Parent

Thank you for providing our son with love, patience, and guidance throughout his preschool year. The skills he has obtained through your teachings are remarkable. His eyes light up when he talks about his day at school and the experiences you have provided him. It has truly been an unforgettable year. We hope you all know how much you are respected, loved and appreciated. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to the end of the year festivities and another wonderful year in Pre-K!

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Parent Bravos

Here is a small sample of some of the  beautiful comments from our Parents

From a 6th Grade Parent:

Dear Mr and Mrs Stark,
And all our wonderful LHS teachers! We want to support all parents in sending our deepest gratitude for giving our kids some sense of normalcy during these very challenging times.
It’s very important for us to know that while my husband, as many other ICU doctors and nurses, are fighting every day with this vicious disease, our children can still follow their routine, learn, and communicate with their teachers and friends. It helps us, parents, and it definitely helps kids to continue their growth as individuals.
I see excitement in (our daughter’s) eyes when she is getting ready for school in the morning, when she is running to the printer to get an assignment, or just talking to her friends during breaks.
Thank you so much to every single one of you!

From a 3YR Old Parent:

“We wanted to say thank you for accommodating the preschool families with the tuition suspension during this time.
We are also amazed (and truly grateful) that the zoom on- line learning format is continuing despite the circumstances.
I know this is not an easy time for businesses, organizations etc. If there is anything at all we can do to help the school during this time or once we return, please let us know. Maybe a fundraiser or maybe there is something we can do for our individual teachers. Just brainstorming…
Finally, some thoughts as we’ve entered week 3 of zoom/on-line learning. It’s been such a wonderful experience participating in our kids’ learning! Yes managing working from home and helping with homeschool can be exciting… but I’ve enjoyed seeing firsthand how dedicated our teachers are to not only teaching and providing additional resources to enhance learning, but also doing it with such great enthusiasm.
 There’s a great sense of community and collaboration between administration, teachers and parents, and it is evident that our main goal is how to make this experience the best it can possibly be.
How lucky are we to have such amazingly dedicated teachers in our kids’ lives! How blessed are we to be part of the
Laurel Hill family!
In the midst of chaos you have given us a sense of normalcy and we are genuinely appreciative of all your efforts.


As Charles Dickens famously observed…
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .
it was the season of darkness,
it was the spring of hope . . .
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day because we are blessed by the beauty, by the serene innocence, and by the precocity of our boys and girls.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day for the blessing of totally dedicated teachers and support staff who clearly know why they selected to do what they do in career and in life and give, and give, and give tirelessly to fulfill their greatest ambitions for their children’s growth and well being.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” because we are blessed to have families joined with us to support and to build – partners in turning great ideas into great accomplishments, partners ready to share their skills and to help in the work that needs to be done.
Ms. Bond’s Zoom Classroom
Never in my teaching career would I have thought that I would need to teach elementary class via online classes. Yet, here we are in uncertain times, teaching in a media platform that is geared towards the children of this generation.
As apprehensive as I was before the first day of Zoom (I woke up a number of times during the night like it was my first day of school!), I now feel energized and excited about what we are able to do with the Zoom program. I’ve found that I’ve been able to keep most of my teaching the same as when it is a live class! In Reading, we’ve done an author study and vocabulary work in just three days! I am so proud of how much hard work my students continue to do while they are at home!
I hope this email finds you well and safe. I have been thinking about you & Mr. Stark often and must first apologize for the time lapse in reaching out to express my deepest gratitude. I can’t believe that we have just completed 3 weeks of successful and engaging remote learning. Your steadfast leadership at the onset of this crisis was inspiring. As this crisis turned into a nationwide tragic pandemic, your engaging and detailed remote learning program did not waiver. In fact, it strengthened! Our children were the lucky ones to maintain a sense of normalcy with their routine schedule and engaging “live” classes with all of their treasured teachers and classmate friends.