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Top Reasons to Choose Private Over Public Schools

Like every good parent, you want the best for your children. Where they grow up, who they spend their time with, and where they go to school are all incredibly important factors that can determine a great deal of their future. We want to help with at least one crucial parenting decision, and that is whether you choose to enroll your little ones in private school.

Public schools vs. private schools is a debate that has been around for generations. If you’re not sure what side of the fence you stand on, perhaps these three major differences between the two will help you decide.


Independent Funding

Private schools are independently funded by their community via tuition, fundraisers, donations, etc. By operating in a financially independent manner, private schools are able to maintain quality campuses and materials, as well as decide what to do with their funding according to what they believe is best for the students.

Public schools, on the other hand, are part of a larger system that operates on government funding and tax reserves. Unfortunately, public schools are often underfunded, which can make for an education of lower quality without sufficient resources, materials, and accommodations.


Smaller Classes

Being able to offer smaller classes is a major advantage of a private school. Due to their exclusivity and limited administration, private schools have much more control over their class sizes than public schools do, and we all know that a smaller class is far more beneficial to both the students and the teacher.

Smaller class sizes provide opportunities for more individual attention for each student, which creates an environment for a more promising education. Unlike overstuffed and underfunded public schools, the faculty at a private school is quite unlikely to be spread so thin. When you choose a private school education, you’re choosing more one-on-one time between the instructor and your child.

Smaller classes are also a phenomenal educational tool for detecting learning disabilities or setbacks. This is a massive benefit, as children are so easily able to slip under a teacher’s radar when said teacher is responsible for 25+ students.



The public-school system relies on the government for its funding, which means that, in short, the public schools must abide by regulations set in place by their sponsors (a.k.a. the government). For many individuals, this fact is the main source of motivation behind enrolling their children in private school.

Because private schools are entirely separate from the government and are independently funded, they have a lot more freedom than public schools. Government funding comes with strings attached and public schools must operate under a set of regulations and policies. However, private schools are free to operate as they see fit. With this freedom, private schools are able to implement advanced programs, accelerated curriculums, and even alternative educational approaches, such as The Outdoor Classroom.


Private School in Long Island, NY

Now that you know the three major differences between public and private schools, you can feel more confident in making a choice. Are you interested in enrolling your child in private school? Laurel Hill is a quality private school in Long Island, New York, and we pride ourselves in offering challenging curriculum in an individualized program. Contact us today to learn more!