LAUREL HILL SCHOOL Campus is CLOSED in compliance with state regulations. ZOOM Distance Learning Continues Daily For Preschool – Grade 8. School and Camp Registration are ongoing. Please contact us for additional information.

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Family of an 8th Grader

This past week has been scary for all of us. Prior to school closing you guided your teachers through learning ZOOM, showing the students how to navigate it, and never showed them the fear that so many of us felt. To think Laurel Hill was prepared to start online virtual teachings just one day after the mandate to close all schools. You kept the students on track, keeping a schedule that is so important not just for their education but also for their mental wellbeing. So many schools sent kids home with workbook pages, not learning new topics and expecting parents to step in. Just now some schools are getting to online teaching. Thank goodness you did not expect us to “home school”- I am no teacher, I am a parent! You lead us through this crisis in a very calm, with extremely well thought out plans and communicated it seamlessly. It is incredible how you responded to the situation we all were headed into.

A week into classes online and I have been able to sit in on a few. I loved Architecture and ELA. I can hear all the students and teachers throughout the day and can’t believe how “normal” and natural this is becoming for everyone. The teachers are not showing one bit of uncertainty of how to continue teaching via online. I’m sure this hasn’t been easy on them learning how to navigate through all the new methods. Cassie is even lifting weights (canned tomatoes) in gym!!! Again, not missing a beat- fantastic to witness firsthand what Laurel Hill is doing for our children!

We thank you for running an outstanding school and allowing our family to be part of the wonderful environment. We look forward to our last few months with you until Cassie graduates in June!

Be well and stay safe


Parent of an 8th Grader

Here, here! Amazing community! Amazing teachers!
Laurel Hill has not missed a beat. Education at its finest!


Parent of an 8th Grader

Bravo to all of you for making this first week of remote learning so awesome. Eva is engaged, happy and excited to be with you every day.

Not only are you teaching our kids required curriculum but you are teaching them the importance of perseverance, positive attitude and resiliency. So proud to be a part of Laurel Hill community.


Families of aPreschooler

-Thank you Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Goldstone. Giovanna enjoyed online learning and also seeing her classmates. Thank you again for setting this up for us.

-Gabby loved seeing everyone! Thank you both!

-Masal was so happy to see her classmates and she enjoyed it a lot! She said, she misses her teachers and friends.
Thank you!

-Quinn was hesitant at first, but she was good to go by the end and was finally herself. She is still asking why she can’t go to school, but this is the next best thing.
Thank you for all your hard work and keeping this crazy time, just a little normal for our cuties.

-Eisa loves his session and is looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you!



As Charles Dickens famously observed…
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .
it was the season of darkness,
it was the spring of hope . . .
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day because we are blessed by the beauty, by the serene innocence, and by the precocity of our boys and girls.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day for the blessing of totally dedicated teachers and support staff who clearly know why they selected to do what they do in career and in life and give, and give, and give tirelessly to fulfill their greatest ambitions for their children’s growth and well being.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” because we are blessed to have families joined with us to support and to build – partners in turning great ideas into great accomplishments, partners ready to share their skills and to help in the work that needs to be done.
Ms. Bond’s Zoom Classroom
Never in my teaching career would I have thought that I would need to teach elementary class via online classes. Yet, here we are in uncertain times, teaching in a media platform that is geared towards the children of this generation.
As apprehensive as I was before the first day of Zoom (I woke up a number of times during the night like it was my first day of school!), I now feel energized and excited about what we are able to do with the Zoom program. I’ve found that I’ve been able to keep most of my teaching the same as when it is a live class! In Reading, we’ve done an author study and vocabulary work in just three days! I am so proud of how much hard work my students continue to do while they are at home!
I hope this email finds you well and safe. I have been thinking about you & Mr. Stark often and must first apologize for the time lapse in reaching out to express my deepest gratitude. I can’t believe that we have just completed 3 weeks of successful and engaging remote learning. Your steadfast leadership at the onset of this crisis was inspiring. As this crisis turned into a nationwide tragic pandemic, your engaging and detailed remote learning program did not waiver. In fact, it strengthened! Our children were the lucky ones to maintain a sense of normalcy with their routine schedule and engaging “live” classes with all of their treasured teachers and classmate friends.

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