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Computer literacy at Laurel Hill aims to make the computer a familiar, friendly source of information-gathering and applied solutions. Students attend computer lab to learn about application suites, and to benefit from efficient use of the Internet for research and recreation. Multi-media projects, web design workshops, and more complement the many experiences available in the lab. Every classroom is computer equipped, networked, and Internet enabled.


It’s creating dynamic web pages your own way using HyperText Markup Language, the classic cornerstone of professional webpage construction. Students receive their commission to build a website to represent an engaging theme and then do all the research and programming to accomplish the task. No cookie cutter or out-of-the-box solutions allowed, middle school students construct from top to bottom. And their solutions are elegant!


Explore foundational robotics and programming concepts by navigating through the engineering design process. Move blocks of graphical code to test and improve plans of action you create, collaborate with your friends to brainstorm your ideas, and then share the results with your coding community. Put your robot to work as you like it and get your game to play as you intended – it’s all in the code!


Now robotic goals reach even higher! Construction complexity and expanded diversity go hand-in-hand in planning, building, and refining STEM bots designed to get a job done. Students will work with upgraded motors and computer driven coding language to match their talents.