Junior Honor Society



Qualified Laurel Hill School Middle School students are inducted into the Laurel Hill School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.


The Laurel Hill School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (LHS-NJHS) was established in March of 2005. At that point, LHS-NJHS joined 200,000 students at 6,000 middle schools nationwide. NJHS was founded in 1929 to recognize and encourage high academic achievement in middle school students while developing characteristics essential to citizens in our society. The LHS-NJHS provides middle school students with an enhanced opportunity to develop in the areas of leadership, community and school service, character, and citizenship.


Demonstrated scholastic achievement and character are used as criteria for candidacy to LHS-NJHS. Any middle school student, with an academic average of 91% or above and Character Counts Points (CCP) of 91% or above, is invited to complete an application for LHS-NJHS. Applicants for LHS-NJHS must show participation in areas such as co-curricular activities, leadership positions in and out of school, service activities, and community activities. A Faculty Council evaluates the applicants and provides student guidance.


A formal induction ceremony is held to welcome all the newly-selected members to LHS-NJHS. All members are required to maintain the same level of performance in all four criteria that led to the selection. The members attend regular meetings. At the meetings the students are required to develop an individual service project and to participate in a school service project.


LHS-NJHS members have coordinated an annual fundraiser for patients with leukemia and lymphoma and in three years have raised over $25,000. Individual service projects have included collecting supplies ranging from band-aids to books and games for hospitalized children; writing personalized birthday cards to residents at a local nursing home; creating stuffed socks with a smiling face to provide a child with something to hug when entering a hospital.

A project that gained national attention was a project to design and build a computer that would be user-friendly for the elderly and disabled members of the community. The students who developed the project were one of 8 schools recognized nationally by the Christopher Columbus Foundation. The students were awarded with an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World to present their project to a panel of judges.


The members of LHS-NJHS are invited annually to the Kids In Action Conference to hear motivational speakers and discuss situations relevant to middle school students. Upon returning, the members share what they have learned with other middle school students.


LHS-NJHS is committed to develop the leaders of tomorrow by recognizing students and encouraging them to be involved members of their school and local communities. As students leave LHS-NJHS and enter high school, they will have developed the pillars of academics, service, character, citizenship, and leadership that are prerequisites for the National Honor Society found in high school.


Welcome Back To School




LHS is a recognized New York State private school, located in Suffolk County, Long Island.





Parent Bravos

Here is a small sample of some of the  beautiful comments from our Parents

From a 6th Grade Parent:

Dear Mr and Mrs Stark,
And all our wonderful LHS teachers! We want to support all parents in sending our deepest gratitude for giving our kids some sense of normalcy during these very challenging times.
It’s very important for us to know that while my husband, as many other ICU doctors and nurses, are fighting every day with this vicious disease, our children can still follow their routine, learn, and communicate with their teachers and friends. It helps us, parents, and it definitely helps kids to continue their growth as individuals.
I see excitement in (our daughter’s) eyes when she is getting ready for school in the morning, when she is running to the printer to get an assignment, or just talking to her friends during breaks.
Thank you so much to every single one of you!

From a 3YR Old Parent:

“We wanted to say thank you for accommodating the preschool families with the tuition suspension during this time.
We are also amazed (and truly grateful) that the zoom on- line learning format is continuing despite the circumstances.
I know this is not an easy time for businesses, organizations etc. If there is anything at all we can do to help the school during this time or once we return, please let us know. Maybe a fundraiser or maybe there is something we can do for our individual teachers. Just brainstorming…
Finally, some thoughts as we’ve entered week 3 of zoom/on-line learning. It’s been such a wonderful experience participating in our kids’ learning! Yes managing working from home and helping with homeschool can be exciting… but I’ve enjoyed seeing firsthand how dedicated our teachers are to not only teaching and providing additional resources to enhance learning, but also doing it with such great enthusiasm.
 There’s a great sense of community and collaboration between administration, teachers and parents, and it is evident that our main goal is how to make this experience the best it can possibly be.
How lucky are we to have such amazingly dedicated teachers in our kids’ lives! How blessed are we to be part of the
Laurel Hill family!
In the midst of chaos you have given us a sense of normalcy and we are genuinely appreciative of all your efforts.


As Charles Dickens famously observed…
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .
it was the season of darkness,
it was the spring of hope . . .
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day because we are blessed by the beauty, by the serene innocence, and by the precocity of our boys and girls.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” every day for the blessing of totally dedicated teachers and support staff who clearly know why they selected to do what they do in career and in life and give, and give, and give tirelessly to fulfill their greatest ambitions for their children’s growth and well being.
We at Laurel Hill live “the best of times” because we are blessed to have families joined with us to support and to build – partners in turning great ideas into great accomplishments, partners ready to share their skills and to help in the work that needs to be done.
Ms. Bond’s Zoom Classroom
Never in my teaching career would I have thought that I would need to teach elementary class via online classes. Yet, here we are in uncertain times, teaching in a media platform that is geared towards the children of this generation.
As apprehensive as I was before the first day of Zoom (I woke up a number of times during the night like it was my first day of school!), I now feel energized and excited about what we are able to do with the Zoom program. I’ve found that I’ve been able to keep most of my teaching the same as when it is a live class! In Reading, we’ve done an author study and vocabulary work in just three days! I am so proud of how much hard work my students continue to do while they are at home!
I hope this email finds you well and safe. I have been thinking about you & Mr. Stark often and must first apologize for the time lapse in reaching out to express my deepest gratitude. I can’t believe that we have just completed 3 weeks of successful and engaging remote learning. Your steadfast leadership at the onset of this crisis was inspiring. As this crisis turned into a nationwide tragic pandemic, your engaging and detailed remote learning program did not waiver. In fact, it strengthened! Our children were the lucky ones to maintain a sense of normalcy with their routine schedule and engaging “live” classes with all of their treasured teachers and classmate friends.