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Creating Community


Students organize to help our local, national, and world communities. Boys and girls work with ‘outreach’ organizations to relieve some of the most pressing social needs.

Classroom curricula are expanded to supplement social action projects. Teachers present guided lessons and activities concerning the history and social life of the people we assist, as well as case studies of individuals struggling under the conditions we are attempting to improve.

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  • Supported the Heifer Project for farming education.
  • Raised funds to assist families affected by natural disaster.
  • Constructed a schoolhouse and provided a teacher to serve residents of a remote village in Madagascar
  • Raised funds allowing one hundred children in Ethiopia to receive lunches every day for a year.
  • Raised funds supporting clandestine home schools for girls in Afghanistan.
  • Raised funds to purchase the freedom of chattel slaves in Mauritania.
  • Supported local food pantries, hospitals, and hospice.
  • Raised funds for various charities.
  • Collected and delivered supplies to First Responder Rescue Workers.


Themes are school-wide curriculum enrichment projects that allow the entire student body to study together as a community. Each year, students explore themes such as:

  • Black History: Concepts of social justice, equality and activism are emphasized.
  • Poetry: Children become acquainted with the unique styles of major poets, and learn to integrate these styles into their own writing. Children learn to recite poetry, create poetry, and publish poetry in a special anthology.
  • Earth Day: Children complete projects relating to ecology and environmentalism. They celebrate the wonders of the natural world while learning active strategies for environmentally responsible living.
  • Election Year “Great Debates”: Children assume the identity of leading politicians as they prepare to debate an urgent issue facing our country. The experience culminates in a school-wide debate in which teams argue a particular viewpoint, and then examine their own opinions. Citizenship, civic responsibility, and news awareness are emphasized.
  • Classic Classics: Children engage in an in-depth exploration of essential childhood classics. Literary analysis, story structuring, character development, and voice are brought to life in activities that raise literacy to new levels.
  • Shakespeare: The quintessential bard is brought into modern times through exciting original plays written and performed by our students in Elizabethan Age only language. Hallmark Shakespeare plays studied too!