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8th Grade Science

The eighth graders continue their study of Earth Science in preparation for the New York State Earth Science Regents. The course is an intensive study of Earth Science and incorporates 1200 minutes of laboratory experience including written research and laboratory reports.

The program also incorporates computer technology along with discussions of current events relating to Earth Science and science in general. In addition to the core curriculum of Earth Science, the students prepare for the New York State Eighth Grade Science Assessment given at the end of 8th grade.

LHS students start their study of Earth Science mid-year in 7th grade with an introduction to Earth Science, minerals, rocks, and resources. They then explore the Earth’s surface and the conditions that affect it such as weathering, erosion, running water, glaciers, deserts, and wind. In 8th grade, these subjects are briefly reviewed.

At the beginning of eighth grade, the students explore the forces within Earth, such as plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain building and other forces. The students discover that the history of Earth dates back 4.56 billion years and they examine the geologic time scale and Earth’s vast history.

Weather conditions that affect us daily are also studied and the students learn to interpret a weather map and make preliminary weather predictions. Students monitor an in-class weather station for up-to-the-minute weather conditions in East Setauket.

The students “leave our planet” temporarily and explore the universe and the origin of our solar system using modern astronomy. Related Internet sites from NASA and other agencies are used to view up-to-date information and photographs. The final part of the course involves an intensive study of “New York State’s Earth System Profile.” All throughout the course, higher level mathematical concepts are employed along with the science content.

LHS 8th grade students are prepared to take the NYS Earth Science Regents in June. The regents includes multiple choice questions, short and extended written responses, and a practical laboratory portion.

All through 7th and 8th grade science the students work on their study and writing skills through listening activities, note-taking, science essay writing, and answering multiple and short answer questions. At the end of eighth grade the students will have sufficient understanding of Earth Science and science in general are able to undertake any science course in 9th grade.