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8th Grade Mathematics

Mathematics at The Laurel Hill School emphasizes problem solving, mathematical reasoning, and real-world applications. All New York State standards are incorporated into our daily lessons and both tutorials and advanced study are available to our students.

Students enhance their problem solving skills by adding to their “Problem of the Day” book. Students use a variety of methods to approach each problem. Mathematical skills are introduced and enhanced. Classes are very interactive and involve constant participation. Individuals are given the guidance and attention needed to succeed. Lessons are designed to promote success and to increase self-confidence.

Math Lab is incorporated into the Mathematics Lessons. These “hands-on” activities enhance the students’ learning experiences. Students have opportunities to work individually, and in groups for cooperative learning experiences. Students practice their communication skills by reading to interpret directions, discussing possible solutions with their group, and in writing results and reasons explaining how they arrived at their solutions. Real life applications are incorporated into the projects. Technology is also used to investigate and explore possibilities. Creativity is always encouraged in ways to solve problems and in presentation of the final project.

Benchmark practice is used to reinforce learned skills. Spiral review is implemented for skill retention. The “Scholastic Math Magazine” is one source used for promoting real-life experiences involving mathematics problems while reviewing and enriching skills. Students use their emerging self-confidence to gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts that have been previously introduced. They are able to appreciate and explore more complex concepts by using their developing critical thinking skills.