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7th Grade Social Studies

The seventh grade curriculum engages students’ knowledge of Global History so that they may better understand the foundation of American History. Studying, Political, Economic, and Social (PES) systems becomes an integral part of the evolution and progression of American History.

They investigate the development of ideas and the application of those ideas to the early American republic.

More specifically, to enhance their understanding of the connection of PES to history, the students study the World in 1500, European Exploration, Establishment of the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the New Republic. Students investigate the European influence in the Americas and the long term causes of the American Revolution.

This course emphasizes skills in research, writing, listening, speaking and the analysis of primary source documents. Students prepare written reports, projects, and respond to Document Based Questions (DBQ). Current Events is an ongoing activity which increases student awareness of global, national, and local events.


1) Provide framework and methodology
2) Problem Solving and decision making
3) Use of geography to determine living patterns
4) History
5) Interdisciplinary connections
6) Analyze Primary Sources
7) Economics and Economies
8) Values and Empathy
9) History
10) Change
11) Current Events
12) Inferences
13) Research Skills
14) Written and oral communication



Students role-play delegates to the Continental Congress where they bargain, debate, give speeches, and vote on vital issues. They also write research papers and complete projects such as building models and make presentation talks on period architecture. Students engage in an interactive experience in which they must decide if they want to join the British side or the Patriot side and prepare for the American Revolutionary battles.

Lewis and Clark

Students take a journey to the Pacific Ocean during the early 1800s to re-trace the route of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. In preparation for the journey, students learn vocabulary, critical map skills, and play a comprehensive game to check their understanding of the rules of their impending travel. As they begin their expedition, students form their own Corps, rotating jobs of Captain, Interpreter, Journal Writer, and Private each day as they encounter real-life challenges.

Civil War

As members of four Union and two Confederate units, students re-live the War that divided this nation as they compete for combat points. This project explores at least one significant battle (Bull Run, Gettysburg, Antietam, Sherman’s March, etc.). Cooperative groups participate and read dispatches, perform soldier interviews, and endure camp life. Students experience 19th century culture, photography, music, poetry, and painting. The Civil War project culminates with the re-enactment of the meeting between Generals Grant and Lee as well as Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.