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7th Grade Science

The seventh graders begin the year focusing on chemistry using a Regents level high school textbook. The basic building blocks of chemistry are discussed in depth including discussions of the atom, isotopes, the periodic table, and the physical and chemical properties of elements. Each concept is reinforced with experiments and hands-on activities.

Skills that were developed in previous years, and particularly in sixth grade, are enhanced in the seventh grade. General science skills are continually reviewed and developed.

After understanding the properties of atoms and the elements on the periodic table, the students begin to explore high school regents level Earth Science for the second half of the school year.

The students begin their study of Earth Science by understanding the various branches of science involved with the Earth and how the Earth was formed 4.56 billion years ago. The students study minerals and rocks that make up the Earth’s surface. Numerous hands-on experiments and excursions around the campus to collect specimens complement our studies.

Renewable and non-renewable resources and their affect on global warming on our changing environment are investigated.

The students continue exploring our planet and factors which shaped it over millions of years. They study how the Earth’s surface has evolved and has been shaped and reshaped by interior and exterior forces.

The students conclude their study of Earth Science in the 7th grade with a look at the geologic history of New York State. The local geological/glacial history is incorporated in the discussion. Along with the new concepts of Earth Science that are covered, the students are exposed to the higher level mathematical concepts that are commonly used in Earth Science.