LAUREL HILL SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED through April 15th in compliance with state guidance. Updates will be posted when we obtain additional information……………LAUREL HILL SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED through April 15th in compliance with state guidance. Updates will be posted when we obtain additional information……………LAUREL HILL SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED through April 15th in compliance with state guidance. Updates will be posted when we obtain additional information…………… ……………………

Letters to Laurel Hill

I want to thank you for a delightful Poetry Tea. I had the pleasure of attending both poetry readings and I was very moved by the experience. Every parent was extremely proud of his or her child’s accomplishments. In today’s society, mediocrity is a standard that is too widely accepted. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of The Laurel hill School, which continuously strives for excellence….. Parent

What better time than now to let you know how much you and Laurel Hill mean to us! When we first learned of this school, we thought it “incredible” in terms of our own impressions as well as the commendation of others. Today, “incredible” is but a feeble description of The Laurel Hill experience. Mr. & Mrs. Stark, I always knew that our English language was rather deficient in expressing the true meaning of LOVE and THANK YOU. I’m entirely convinced of that now. We (our family) simply do not know how to say THANKS to you. The very finest painting, singing, writing, acting or whatever the expression would fail to adequately portray the deep sentiments of our hearts in saying or showing our gratitude…Parent

My daughter just finished a six-week stint at the Laurel Hill camp. I wanted you to know how pleased I was with your program and how much she loved camp. She was in Red Studio & Stage. Her counselors were exceptional. Their warmth, acceptance, hugs and smiles made camp a joyful experience for Sarah. Their names became household words this summer. My daughter cried last night because she missed them already. In addition, she described the counselors in her specials as being “so nice.” While I never needed to contact the Director, I was very impressed with her knowledge of our daughter and her group. I was reassured that there was a competent director to go to if a problem arose. Your camp’s programs, organization and safety were impressive. Our daughter loved everything – from rainy day activities to Friday special programs, from sports to drama and clubs, color wars and late night! Congratulations on running such a quality program. My daughter will be back next summer…Parent


I cannot believe another year has gone by. What a wonderful year this has been. I needed a year like last year to truly appreciate this year. Many people ask me why I send my children to private school and I have a very easy time answering them this year. It would have to be for teachers who took my child from no self-confidence to a child who believes in himself once again. His teacher is an inspiring and talented teacher. She knows how to motivate and excite the children. She is definitely one of those teachers who in years to come my son will identify as the teacher who made one of the biggest impacts in his life. I have been blessed to have many teachers at Laurel Hill who are phenomenal. I cannot thank you or the teachers enough…Parents

It would not be fair for my wife and I to let this school year pass without a comment on what you have meant to us. When our daughter entered Laurel Hill, her study skills were poor, her self- confidence was low, and she had recently been recovering from an illness in her bone that had caused her to miss 2 months of school. Our daughter has blossomed this year at Laurel Hill. Her self -confidence is up, her study skills are 3 times what they were. She enjoys school and has learned so much through your hands. I am writing this letter very simply to say, “Thank you”. Our daughter has made remarkable progress and although I know that there are many people who educate a child throughout the year and for that matter through life, I cannot help but recognize that you have had the biggest contribution to her education. We can’t begin to thank you for helping our daughter…Parent

Just a quick note to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work at your camp this past summer. The experience I gained and the fun I had while working there was wonderful. I will not forget it. The directors, specialists and counselors with whom I worked were kind, helpful and a pleasure to spend time with. I was proud to be a part of such a professional organization. I wish Laurel Hill the best in the coming year and look forward to working with you again next year…..Art Teacher

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Stark: You have been the two greatest principles a kid could ask for. You taught us how we could be a great big family. You helped us understand about Sept. 11 and about Columbia. You’ve helped us solve our problems. You make me want to go forward. I have so many good thoughts, but I’ve run out of room. I love you.….Student, 4th Grade

This is our son’s fourth year at Laurel Hill. We have been blessed, once again with a loving and attentive team in the classroom. They bring enthusiasm, interest and encouragement to everything they do. They make topics “fun” for the class. Our child has developed a strong interest in geography and consults his world map at home often. Grandma is getting him a globe for Christmas. Something he has been asking for, for months. We believe this interest stems from the focus on Australia and the Olympics early this year…. Parent

Over the last six years, The Laurel hill School campus has become such a familiar place to our family. We have felt very comfortable leaving our children in your care because we have come to know how carefully you watch over each student and get to know them and their families individually….Preschool Parent

Dear Mrs. Karchmar: You are truly a gifted woman and educator! It was such a pleasure to talk with you and watch you in action. Your expectations of the teachers and students are outstanding. Your concern, warmth and welcoming nature drew us to Laurel Hill this year. Thank you for caring for our child as you did. It gave me such peace of mind knowing you were around the corner. I am thrilled with his social and academic growth. His teachers were a good fit for him…..Preschool Parent

It is our genuine privilege to congratulate you and your fine faculty for meeting the requirements necessary to be named a Suffolk Reading Council Honor School. Suffolk Reading Council, an organization that works toward universal literacy, applauds your efforts in promoting the development of literacy for your students. It has been a great pleasure to read about the many creative language arts programs in your school. It clearly reflects the excellence evident in education on Long Island…..Suffolk Reading Council

Up the winding drive from one millennium into another where we took our “First Steps”. Forming lasting friendships and seeing new ones begin. Friends may come and go but the caring and camaraderie is always in the air. Filling little hearts with the joys of discovery and the wonders in our big world. Holding hands as we stride forward. Embracing each other in times of need. Laughter after hours as the day draws to a close. The best in us is found in the hallways of Laurel Hill. Fulfilling all our dreams and hopes for tomorrow…Parent

I cannot too often reiterate my thankfulness for your friendship, leadership and guidance. Both personally and professionally, this past year has been one of the most gratifying of my life, in large part, because of you. The Laurel Hill School community is an extraordinary fellowship, powerfully nurturing, and inspiring to both children and adults. Because of you, it is indeed a family, and you have consoled me throughout these days of sorrow and pain as only a family can.….Teacher

Three years ago I entrusted you and your team with my first child’s care somewhat reluctantly. Now as she is about to prepare to enter Kindergarten, I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the beautiful experience she encountered at Laurel Hill. She has exceeded my expectations, both socially and academically. Every day has truly been a new adventure for both of us. The love and devotion you and your staff share with our children is truly beyond comparison. She will surely be a better person having had Laurel Hill touch her life. You direct a truly remarkable place, and are by all standards a truly remarkable lady – always found with a smile on her face and love in her heart. Thank you for taking beautiful care of our baby… Parent

It is hard to believe that 8 weeks have past since the first day of camp. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making this an awesome summer for my children. They enjoyed each and every activity and felt very proud of themselves when they received a certificate and gold pin at the end of their majors. They display these awards proudly. Your entire staff has been caring, warm and friendly and has made memories for my kids, which will last a lifetime. As a parent, I could not have asked for more from a camp. I always felt that my children were safe and well supervised. It was comforting to know that my most valuable assets were in the hands of competent, trusting, caring professionals. From the Directors and the Specialists to the counselors and CIT’s, my family and I would like to thank you for making this summer one of the best summers ever…..Parent